The Stock Market Crash of

Prohibition and the Crash

Austin, Texas--Curitiba, Paraná

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Chapter 1, Background
Chernobyl, Challenger, Nancy Reagan: Just Say No, Len Bias, Jim Wright and HR5484, Mexico, Executive Order 12564

Chapter 2, The Original 9/11
Drug Testing, The Anti Drug-Abuse Law, British Opium to China, The Mutiny, The Taeping Revolt, Benjamin Harrison's Revenge, The London Stock Exchange; The Big Bang
Chapter 3, The Doomsday Machine
The Five and Ten, The Sentencing Act, Lundgren's Amendments, The Federal Personnel Manual, The Drug Crusade, The UN International Conference on Drug Control, The USS Stark attack, Enter Alan Greenspan
Chapter 4, Laissez Fear: Another 9/11
The 9/11 Deadline, International Tax Evasion Issues, The District Court Ruling, The Stock Market Slide, Ambassador Wrobleski, The International Conference on Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Another Mabel Willebrandt
Chapter 5, Foreign Oil
The Sea Isle City, Counterattack, Black Monday, The Hong Kong Stock Market,
Big Wheels Turning
Chapter 6, The Panic of 1893
The Geary Chinese Exclusion Act, Rudyard Kipling, The Oriental Banking Company, Harrison's Message to Congress, The Panic Begins, The Panama Canal, The Sherman Silver Purchase Act
Chapter 7, The Approaching Looter
William Jennings Bryan, Populists and Socialists, The Income Tax of 1862, Tariffs and Nullification, The Committee on Ways and Means, The House Committee on Internal Revenue, The Special Session, Europe, Cuba and Brazil, Cancer, Capitulation, The Christmas Recess, Socialistic Theorists and Communism, The Second Income Tax, The Supreme Court to the Rescue
Chapter 8, Back to the Future
Greenspan's Missing New Information, Adam Smith and Ayn Rand, The Original Income Tax, Pollock v. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co., The Supreme Court Defection, Michael C. Durney, International Tax-Evasion Issues, The Drug-Free America Initiative, The Tenth Amendment, Sandra Day O'Conner, Pauline Sabin, The Fix is In, Congress Backs Water, Biden's Criminal Fines and Sentencing Bill, Public Law 100-182, The Sentencing Act of 1987, The Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control, Just Say Nothing
No audio The hunt for Columbian politicians involved in violation of US prohibition laws, the creation of an undercover money-laundering bank to infiltrate the asset concealment industry and the support of death squads in Latin America are not part of this preview.
Chapter 10, Aftermath
Mazatlan, The 2005 Parallel and FATF, Sumptuary and Tax Legislation
Tara Smith essay on the Supreme Court
The same principles underlying the Crash of 1987 apply to the stock market crash of May 6, 2010 and its aftershocks. See for yourself:
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