Part III

J Henry Phillips

Prohibition and the Crash

Austin, Texas--Curitiba, Paraná

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Vigilantes, The War on Alcohol, The Banking Panics, Corn Products & Fleischmann, The Third-Party Threat, Further Crackdowns

Further Narcotics & Tax Scandals, Another Break in the Market, Further Tightening in Chicago, Income Tax Surtax on Dividends, Hellfire and Brimstone, Damned Lies and Statistics, THE TAX MAN COMETH
The Banking Panics Begin, Mr. Big, The Courts and the Economy, The Fox Lake Massacre, The Lingle Murder
The Smoot-Hawley Tariff, Tax Evasion & Money Hoarding, Hoover's Message to Bankers, Statistics on Drugs, Criminal Criminal Courts
The Illinois Alcohol Appeal, Economic Results, Second Banking Panic of 1930, The Third Rebellion, Landslide I, Second Banking Panic of 1930
The Guzik Trial
Searching for Explanations, Evaluating the Drought, The Bank of United States Failure, The Jewish Question, The Turkish Connection, Earlier Banking Crises
Forward to 1931 The chapters on 1928 and 1929 have not been recorded yet